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The Linguistics of Crochet

Crochet stitches are the linguistics of crochet. They're the very essence of the crochet craft and as such are deservedly were given their very own particular "abbreviations" and quirks.

Function of Crochet stitches

Crochet stitches and crochet patterns are the blueprint to any crochet challenge. Identical to stitching patterns and directions are to a seamstress. You wish to have to think about crochet stitches and patterns as you might take into consideration substances and recipes.

Like a just right recipes, just right crochet patterns let you know what fabrics and crochet stitches you'll wish to entire the crochet challenge. The identical to a just right recipe the crochet pattern will let you know in a step-by-step pattern which kind and what number of crochet stitches are wanted.

How a normal crochet pattern appears to be like

That is an extract of what a elementary crochet pattern appears to be like and the way the stitches are described.


You are going to want


Double knitting yarn / four mm Crochet hook

Stitches used

Chain ch / Slip sew sl st / double crochet dc (UK) Unmarried crochet sc (USA)

Beginning on the best (Head)

Get started with a slip knot for your hook

Make four ch and slip sew into the primary chain to shape a circle

1. Make 1 chain and paintings 10 dc into the hoop finishing with a slip sew into the primary sew.

2. Make 1 chain after which building up via running (1dc into the primary & 2dc into the following sew) repeat this all spherical completing with a slip sew into the primary sew.


Did you realize the ch and dc those are the crochet sew abbreviations. Saves repeating it longhand within the pattern; particularly if this is a hand written pattern.


The crochet stitches abbreviations


  • Chain – ch
  • Unmarried crochet – sc
  • Double crochet – dc
  • Slip sew – sl st
  • Part double crochet – hdc
  • And so forth …

Extra Abbreviations


Crochet directions also are abbreviated … simply to make lifestyles attention-grabbing


  • Build up – inc
  • Lower – dec
  • Yarn over – yo
  • Yarn over hook – yoh