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How to Crochet Barbie Doll Clothes

Most of the people who crochet have made doilies, motifs, edgings or insertions at a while. If you'll make those, you'll simply convert them into gorgeous garments for a Barbie doll. The beauty of crochet is that you'll simply alternate the scale via the use of smaller thread or a smaller hook. If in case you have a pattern that you simply love however to find the motif is just too huge, you'll make it smaller, and vice versa. Those are concepts I used again and again over time to make doll garments. Be mindful, there are such a large amount of sorts of thread; white, ecru, pastels, brilliant colors, steel.

Beading provides a lovely glance to Barbie's garments. Ribbon is administered via small holes and both tied or you'll position a small piece of velcro on each and every finish.

Any motif can also be crammed in or very lacy; merely position the lacy motif over a work of material lining and tack the corners.

Barbie's dimensions are:
Bust: 6"
Waist: Three 3/4"
Hips: 5"

To make a cape:

Crochet any sq. motif.

You'll need it an inch wider than Barbie's shoulders.

Crochet a beading row and run small ribbon in the course of the beading.

Tie round Barbie's shoulders.

To make a skirt:

Every skirt may have both elastic thread across the most sensible to make a complete skirt or stitch up the again to at least one" from the highest and put ribbon beading across the most sensible.
Take into account that the elastic should move over Barbie's hips so it should measure Five 1/2" when stretched.
Additionally have in mind to go away sufficient elastic to tie. After you tie, run the ends again in the course of the most sensible and snip leaving no less than 1/2". I put a dab of liquid stitching at the ends to stay from unravelling.

Crochet two motifs higher than Barbie's hips and sign up for.
Crochet a number of small motifs and sign up for (this can also be made in numerous colors for a patchwork glance).

Crochet a picot or ruffled edging across the backside.

To make a pinafore apron:

Crochet one huge motif for the ground of the apron and a smaller motif for the apron bib.
Crochet beading at the most sensible of each and every motif and sign up for the 2 motifs.
Run ribbon in the course of the beading for ties.

To make a very easy most sensible.

Use your favorite insertion pattern. Crochet two; each and every measuring 6 1/2" extensive and as lengthy or as quick as you would like, relying on whether or not you need it midriff, waist period or longer. Sign up for the edges to the arm pits and sign up for the insertions on the most sensible with only one or two stitches so it is going to pull over her head.

A Slinky Get dressed or Most sensible from Elastic Thread:

The use of elastic thread (gold steel is the craze at this time), crochet a sq. in sc Five 3/4" extensive and make a choice your period (waist, mini, knee or complete period). This get dressed shall be sleeveless and slide onto Barbie. It should be narrower than her bust or it is going to slide down. Upload a gold ribbon round her waist.

To make Beading:

Sign up for thread at nook; * ch 2, sk 2 ch, dc in subsequent ch; repeat from * throughout.
Run ribbon via beading.